P.A.T Testing (Portable Appliance Testing)

This is a method to test the safety of electrical appliances to ensure that workers or tenants who come into contact with any electrical appliances are not in any risk.

PAT Testing is a pre-emptive way of making sure electric equipment complies with safety standards and is not dangerous to users from either electric shock or fire. In order to comply with regulations, periodic inspections of electric equipment should be done to determine the risk level . This can be done through either Planned or Ad-Hoc Testing.

PAT testing is similar to what a manufacturer would be responsible for at the end of the manufacturing process. It is a basic electrical safety test but critically adheres to safety standards.

You can see below that there are many different appliance testing categories:

  • Fixed/White goods appliances
  • Stationary appliances
  • IT appliances
  • Portable/Cables and chargers appliances
  • Hand Held appliances
  • Power Tools

We provide quality and competitive PAT Testing services to a large number of organisations in Limerick and the surrounding areas including Local Authorities, Housing Associations, schools, offices, surgeries and charities. This service helps them to comply with legislation within the workplace, while also adhering to our number one priority, safety.

We work with local businesses and also in construction/manufacturing industry ensuring safety on larger sites.

Our expert technicians are experts in portable appliance testing, we use reliable and accurate PAT testing equipment which are calibrated regularly and suitable for testing 110v/220v appliances.