Fire Extinguisher Service and Maintenance

Annual Fire Extinguisher Service

Every 12 months you must have your fire extinguishers serviced.  This service should be carried out in accordance with the IS 291 standard and should be conducted by a third party, accredited fire extinguisher company/technician, with the correct tools, training and experience.

We at Falcon Fire will:

  • Make sure that you have the correct selection of fire extinguishers for your premises
  • Commission newly installed fire extinguishers
  • Ensure correct positioning and installation of fire extinguishers in your business
  • Provide yearly maintenance service to include mandatory checks to ensure fire extinguishers are in efficient working order and ready to use in the event of fire/emergency and comply with Irish IS-291 Standard

Our team of trained technicians will provide thorough and precise fire extinguisher inspections to help commercial and industrial facilities safeguard their property, employees, and assets.

On completion of service we will provide a comprehensive report on all work completed and any recommendations that may be required