Falcon Fire Hydrant Testing

We at Falcon Fire provide a testing service of  the water hydrants on your site will give you the proper information to comply with your responsibilities as a business owner

  • Your business should ensure that your hydrants are capable of delivering firefighting water at the required pressure and flow to fight a fire.
  • Should ensure that your hydrants can be accessed and operated properly.
  • Hydrants should be properly signed and plated to allow fast and easy identification, particularly at night.
  • Normally it is a condition of your insurance policy that your private hydrants are tested and checked on a regular basis.

Fire equipment has to be maintained by a competent person at certain intervals. For a fire hydrant, a competent person needs to test and maintain a fire hydrant in accordance with BS9990:2006/BS5306 at least annually.

Hydrant Testing and maintenance should be conducted for both insurance purposes and to ensure operability if a fire was to occur.

  • Uninhibited flow tests
  • Static pressure tests
  • Pit inspections
  • Frost valve checks